Gran Turismo Sport May Get The Deep Forest Raceway

Many fans of the GT series were quite disappointed to see that the classic Gran Turismo maps were absent from this installation of the series.

Now months after launch, Gran Turismo’s top man Kazunori Yamauchi, has confirmed that players will in fact, be getting their taste of nostalgia, starting with the Deep Forest Raceway.

“We are already working on Deep Forest; we actually have the data for Deep Forest that runs on Gran Turismo Sport but it does have some problems.”

Kazunori explains that the classic original tracks have some glaring issues with the scale of certain elements. “The problem that we had with some of the older tracks from previous Gran Turismo games was the scale being off in certain places. The size of the trees are very large, or the width of the curbstones, etc. There were curbstones that were wider than cars!”

“If we want to bring that into the quality of GT Sport now, there is a lot that we have to redesign, and it is not that easy, “ he continues.

While this isn’t official confirmation, I don’t see why the team wouldn’t have a focus on giving fans what they want – especially after this statement.

Gran Turismo Sport is out now for PS4

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