Gwent single-player is now Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, a standalone RPG

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is the newly-revised title for Gwent’s single-player campaign, and the latest word from CD Projekt suggests that’s expanded into more of a full RPG than a card game. It will be a standalone release separate from Gwent, and will be a proper game purchase, though there’s no word yet on what the price will be.

Though CD Projekt is emphasizing the RPG aspects over the game’s roots by dropping Gwent from the title, in-game actions are decided by card battles. It’s just that you’ll have 30-hour campaign full of role-playing to give context to it all.

This pretty much lines up with what we expected from Thronebreaker, but the new info from CD Projekt at today’s financial presentation – collated thanks to Reddit efforts – suggest that it goes well beyond just being a single-player mode in an otherwise multiplayer-focused game. The company says that Thronebreaker is aimed both at Gwent players and Witcher fans who want something more deeply connected to the series lore than a straight card battler.

The standalone release also means you won’t be using Gwent’s in-game currency to buy new cards in Thronebreaker, though we don’t know if there will be any microtransactions in the single-player title. (CD Projekt has, however, tended not to charge for anything less than a full expansion in its premium price games.)

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Thronebreaker is supposed to go live in parallel with the Gwent Homecoming release date, which still hasn’t exactly been nailed down. Last we heard it’s coming in October, but without a specific date that remains subject to change.


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