Gwent’s first expansion is based on The Witcher 3’s best expansion

Gwent, the card game based on The Witcher 3 mini-game of the same name, is getting its first expansion later this month. Crimson Curse, which is loosely based around The Witcher 3’s second expansion, Blood and Wine, will bring the game its first set of new cards since its release in October 2018.

A trailer released yesterday introduces the Crimson Curse, a ritual which turns the moon red and corrupts the land beneath, spawning new monsters. The trailer, which you can check out towards the bottom of this article, reveals that Detlaff, the higher vampire that appears in The Witcher 3 DLC, is the cause of the curse, which means he’s relatively likely to show up as a new legendary card.

That would make him one of “over 100” new additions to the game, which will be made up of 31 neutral cards and 14 cards for each of the game’s five factions. I’d imagine several of those will be related to the aforementioned DLC, but there are several other additions already confirmed.

The Northern Realms are likely to be boosted by characters like Duchess Anna Henrietta, while the Monsters faction will probably see some lesser vampires join Detalff in his control. Elsewhere, the Scoia’tael will benefit from the addition of Dryad Rangers from the forest of Broklion, and the Skellige faction has Disgraced Brawler as its first new card.

Five cards have already been released for the new expansion, which is due to arrive in-game on March, but plenty more are set to be revealed until then. We’ve not seen anything from the Nilfgaard faction yet, but CDPR is already hinting at arrivals from across the world of The Witcher.

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I’ve not really been back to Gwent since the release of Thronebreaker, the standalone single-player version of the game. That launched back in October alongside the game’s full release, but now that the multiplayer version has its first major update, I’ll be heading back in to check it out (and then inevitably returning to my latest Witcher 3 runthrough).


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