Halo: Infinite Will Focus On Master Chief

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One of the biggest reveals during Microsoft’s E3 press conference was Halo: Infinite. This was the game that kicked off Microsoft’s presentation, but it didn’t come with really any details regarding what players can expect. As a result, rumors and speculation pieces started to run rampant online but now thanks to a 343 Industry blog post, we have a bit more of an idea on what the upcoming Halo game will be about.

Chris Lead, studio head for 343 Industries recently took to the development studio’s blog in order to clear up some of the confusion Halo: Infinite left gamers. To clarify what viewers witness was 343 Industries new game engine rather than a Halo game. That’s not to say there isn’t a Halo game in the works, in fact, we got some new information regarding the upcoming Halo title.

Chris Lee made mention that the development team understands that some gamers were not thrilled over the narrative journey Halo 5: Guardians took them. Instead of playing specifically as Master Chief, players were split up between Chief and a new character known as Agent Locke.

Well, this time around the focus is strictly back on the main protagonist once again. While we don’t know too many details regarding the narrative, the blog post did make mention that the developers are seeking out new ways on how they approach certain aspects of the game. Likewise, it seems that this next Halo title will be great for longtime fans and new gamers to the entire franchise.

Currently, there is no release date attached to the game quite yet but players will find upcoming beta and alpha tests to help with the development progress of the game.


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