Head of Ubisoft Discusses The Benefits and Struggles of Having 12,000 Employees


Most of the gaming industry limit their staff number to the absolute essential members, delivering quality titles with the resources and personnel they have. However, over the years, Ubisoft has been one of the few known for their incredibly large employee count.

During E3 2018,  Head of Ubisoft North America, Laurent Detoc sat down with GamesBeat and explained why the studio stuck by their decision to keep their employee count as high as it is, reaching over 12,000 active development members. With franchises and titles such as Assassin’s Creed, The Division, For Honor and Rainbow Six under the studio’s portfolio, they like to maintain a certain level of quality content delivered to their fans. He also referred to “the breadth of content and the variety” Ubisoft games usually offer is “second to none in the industry today.”

We have about 14,000 total [employees], but maybe 12,000 in active development, which is still the biggest group in the industry. It shows in our conference, the breadth of content and the variety we offer is second to none in the industry today. That’s one of the benefits of having this large pool of talent.

If you go back a few years, people were looking at us and saying we had way too many people. Financial analysts were telling us to focus, to reduce that number, to be more strategic. We would say, ‘No, this is the strategy. Games are going to need more and more people, especially as they go live. The team that works on a game has to stay on that game instead of continuing on to the next game.’ If you don’t have enough people, you have to make a choice. Those are choices you don’t want to have to make, because both outcomes are bad.

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