Here’s the trailer for Rainbow Six Siege’s new Morocco map

The trailer for Rainbow Six Siege’s Moroccan map, due to be added in Wind Bastion, the game’s next operation, has emerged online in an apparent leak via Ubisoft Thailand.

Ubisoft has previously said that the new map is a “renowned fortress located in the Atlas Mountains” with “unprecedented roof access” and an oasis “right next door.” In the trailer, exterior shots clearly show a traditional Moroccan kasbah, while interior shots flit between utilitarian stairwells, opulent suites, and lounges where one could easily share a hookah pipe. Looks like there’s also a bathing area with a hot tub.

The trailer was posted to Reddit by u/velocitycontrol, who claims it originated from Ubisoft Thailand. It’s been labeled a leak but hasn’t been taken down as of writing. We’ve embedded it below.

Most of the comments seem positive about the map, with rhino76 saying “what thrills me about this as opposed to our last two maps is the lack of bullsh*t clutter and dark corners all over the place.” Feij is similarly unimpressed with Villa and the Hereford rework, damning them as “square” with “useless and boring rooms everywhere.” Aesthetically, many have drawn favourable comparisons with Mirage and Dust from CS:GO.

Here’s hoping the map lives up to expectations. Recent aesthetic changes in the game, supposedly made to conform with the Chinese government’s media requirements, have left the community in need of reasons to be positive.

Wind Bastion – Map Trailer from Ubisoft Thailand from r/Rainbow6

We don’t yet have a Wind Bastion release date, but we shouldn’t be waiting too much longer – the full reveal is expected to happen on November 17 and 18 as part of the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals.

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