Here’s when you can watch the Fortnite cube move

The mysterious Fortnite cube is on the move, and it has been all weekend. The destination is still a matter of speculation, but what’s certain is that the purple object is tilting over itself every hour and 43 minutes, slowly ambling to some new location on the map. It heads in a specific direction, turning every so often along the way.

Given the sporadic nature of the tilts, you might want to know precisely when the cube’s going to make its move. Luckily, the ever-intrepid Fortnite community has done exactly that, recording all the timestamps when the cube turns, and noting when its trajectory changes for posterity.

Pacific: 12:16:58, 1:59:49, 3:42:40, 5:25:32, 7:08:23, 8:51:15, 10:34:06

Eastern: 1:34:06, 3:16:58, 4:59:49, 6:42:41, 8:25:32, 10:08:24, 11:51:15

BST: 1:25:32, 3:08:23, 4:51:15, 6:34:06, 8:16:58, 9:59:49, 11:42:41

You can append ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ to each set of timestamps, since those times line up exactly at 12-hour intervals. You can catch see a full calendar courtesy of 7strikes on Reddit, who has also noted those points of significant change in the cube’s path.

Siloxleaks on Twitter has also taken to the task of mapping out the cube’s movements.

The purple cube arrived with a rift lightning strike on Friday, instantly arousing a near-religious level of curiousity. (If only Peter Molyneux had managed to harness this much interest in cubes.)

We’ll eventually find out where the cube is going, and why it wants to get there. In the meantime, check out our Fortnite week 7 challenges guide – with nearly two hours between each move, you’ll have plenty of time to kill.

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