Here’s Why Donkey Kong Country 2 Is Trending

Nintendo has announced the latest batch of games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and it includes one of the most beloved Super Nintendo games of all-time: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest! Considered by many to be the best entry in the series, Donkey Kong Country 2 introduced players to Dixie Kong, as she and Diddy teamed up to save Donkey Kong from the clutches of King K. Rool. With it’s awesome platforming, and more terrific music from series composer David Wise, the game has a massive number of fans, who are currently celebrating the game’s upcoming appearance on Nintendo Switch.

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Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Donkey Kong Country 2!

It’s a good day for Switch fans.


The game represents a high point for the series.


This person is in for a treat.


Just wait until they hear Stickerbrush Symphony for the first time!


So much nostalgia.


And some fans are already looking forward to DKC 3!


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