Horror Title Agony Trophy List Revealed; New Gameplay Trailer Released

Madmind Studios’ demonic and hell-ish horror title, Agony, is just around the corner, but its list of trophies is already out.

After facing a number of delays, Agony finally releases tomorrow, and will reportedly take players around 12 hours to complete. most of the trophies are unlocked through reaching the several different endings players have to offer, and finding collectibles and visiting secret chambers around the world. Here is what you need to do to get that Platinum.

Unforgettable journey (Platinum)
Unlock all trophies

Pull it out! (Gold)
Succubus ending

I was born to rule! (Gold)
Nimrod ending

Good and Evil (Gold)
Good and Evil (Unlock Evil and Angel ending)

Your soul is mine! (Gold)
Baphomet ending

Lara would be proud! (Gold)
Find all secret rooms

She looks good in red (Silver)
Find 2 red chambers

The richest man in hell (Silver)
Find 4 gold chambers

I have a beautiful soul! (Silver)
Max out every skill

You look just like your father (Silver)
Unlock all letters and notes

The great painter (Silver)
Unlock all paintings

What have I done? (Silver)
Unlock all comic pages

Let me see you (Silver)
Unlock all characters in 3D viewer

I found a job! (Silver)
Unlock madman ending

I am enlightened (Silver)
Unlock everything in gallery

Wait for me my Goddess! (Bronze)
Finish level 1

Pact with the devil (Bronze)
Finish level 2

To the sunset! (Bronze)
Finish level 3

Never ending Agony (Bronze)
Finish level 4

Survivor (Bronze)
Survive a level in Agony Mode

I’m thirsty! (Bronze)
Possess an onoskelis

The force is with me (Bronze)
Possess a chort

I’m on fire! But I like it. (Bronze)
Possess an ifrit

Ice Age (Bronze)
Find a peanut in the frozen caves

Nice try (Bronze)
Try to push an onoskelis to the pit

Demon slayer (Bronze)
Push and kill an onoskelis

Did I just bore him? (Bronze)
Survive Baphomet bossfight

There is always something bigger (Bronze)
Kill an enormous chort

Where are you, pet? (Bronze)
Finish level 1 as a succubus

This time, I will use the elevator (Bronze)
Finish level 2 as a succubus

Finally, a bath! (Bronze)
Finish level 3 as a succubus

What a beautiful taste! (Bronze)
Finish level 4 as a succubus

Can I lick it? (Bronze)
Use a finisher on an onoskelis as a succubus

Heartbreaker (Bronze)
Kill a chort as a succubus

The Scarlet Woman (Bronze)
Normal ending

Check out Agony’s latest gameplay trailer, showcasing fractal gameplay. Agony releases on May 29th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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