HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Now Available For Pre-Order

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Virtual Reality has made a big splash in the video game industry these last few years. Gamers who own either a high-end gaming PC or a PlayStation 4 Pro can enjoy being immersed into a video game world. However, if there is one complaint that we hear in regards to any VR headset, it’s the dreaded headset cord.

The VR headsets themselves are rather bulky but it seems to be the cord that attaches to the headset which is causing most of the problems. If you have ever tried the VR headset or even own one, then you know that the cord can be cumbersome. It’s constantly in the way and limits your movement which can take you out of the in-game moment. Luckily, more companies are jumping into the industry to help VR in a wide variety of ways such as custom lens if you were glasses.

However, one particular item that will likely become a game changer is the wireless adapter. Already the HTC Vive has a new Vive Wireless Adapter in the works with pre-orders now available. As you can likely guess, this wireless adapter will only work for the HTC Vive, and outside of an adapter that attaches to the headset, it will come with a PCI-e card along with a sensor that can track the headset movement.

You’ll apparently have six meters to work with along with a 150-degree field of view. However, much like the headset itself along with the equipment required to run it, the adapter is not cheap. Gamers will need to be prepared to spend $300 to own the adapter but if you’re willing to shell out the money then you can pre-order a unit now on Microsoft, Newegg along with Vive.

[Source: Gamespot]


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