Humble Monthly Bundle has Black Ops 4 (minus zombies) for $12

The latest Humble Monthly Bundle is available for purchase, and as usual the selection is headlined by a notable triple-A release. This month’s early unlock is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, a slightly pared-back version of the game that includes all standard multiplayer modes and battle royale – just no zombies.

Battle Edition typically sells for $39.99 on, so the $12 price for the Humble Monthly subscription is a substantial savings. This purchase comes with a handful of digital extras, including an extra outfit for all specialists, a gesture, and skull-themed calling cards, emblems, stickers, and tags.

Orders are open until June 7, and on that date all of the bundle’s mystery games will be revealed and made available to those who’ve bought in. You can grab the bundle for yourself on the official site The subscription also gets you 10% off Humble Store purchases and access to the Humble Trove’s selection of DRM-free classics, indies, and original titles.

The early unlocks for last month’s bundle included Assassin’s Creed Origins and musical platformer Wandersong.

May’s full lineup featured To the Moon follow-up Finding Paradise, high school-themed party game Monster Prom, point-and-click adventure The Journey Down Chapter Three, “digital voyeur simulator” Do Not Feed the Monkeys, and multiplayer XCOM-like I’m Not a Monster.

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Black Ops 4 was one of our GotY 2018 picks, and it’s continued to get a bunch of new additions ever since launch – even if we’ve had to wait a bit for them compared to our PlayStation compatriots.

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