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Ubisoft’s Battle Royale Hyper Scape is a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre. Scattered across the futuristic urban battlefield are nine unique weapon types to find, upgrade, and master. While the shooting range is a great way to practice with each weapon, many of the guns have unique properties you might not discover on your own. Here is a guide for each of the nine weapons in Hyper Scape, how they work, and the best way to use them.

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Every gun can be upgraded four times. By interacting with the same weapon type as the one you’re currently holding, the two guns will “fuse” and upgrade your equipped weapon. The upgrades points are cumulative, so if you’re holding a level 2 Mammoth and fuse it with another level 2 Mammoth, your gun will be upgraded to level 4.

Each upgrade increases a stat on the gun, typically magazine size, with the fourth and final upgrade increasing magazine size and damage. There are a few exceptions, which we’ll cover in each weapon’s individual section. The damage upgrade is crucial, so be on the lookout for weapon upgrades at every opportunity.

D-Tap is a lock-on auto-firing pistol. The targeting system draws a square in the middle of the screen and automatically locks on to the target closest to the center on that box. There is no way to switch targets, even if a different target gets closer or more centered. If you want to switch targets, you have to break line of the sight on the current target first. Each shot does 5 damage with no fall off, so its best to keep a fairly long distance away from your targets. The upgrade path for the D-Tap is:

Magazine Size: 15; 17; 18; 20; 23

Damage: 5; 5; 5; 5; 6

The D-Tap has the lowest TTK in the game, and can’t kill an enemy in one magazine until max level. It also cannot headshot. While it’s great for chasing highly mobile enemies, it simply can not do enough damage to justify using it over the other weapons.

The Riot One is a heavy, semi-auto pistol. It gets a 1.5x damage multiplier for headshot and, though it is slow to fire, can kill enemies in one magazine even without being upgraded. The Riot One also has no damage fall off. The upgrade path for the Riot One is:

Damage (Body):  26; 29; 31; 34; 38

Damage (Head): 39; 43; 46; 51; 57

A fully upgraded Riot One doesn’t do quite enough damage to 2-tap the head. So as long as it’s been upgraded at least twice, you can secure a kill with two headshots and one body shot. However, a fully upgraded Riot One can kill with just two body shots and one headshot. The gun has practically zero recoil and decent range, so it makes a good compliment for a heavier weapon like the Skybreaker.

The Mammoth MK 1 is a fairly standard pump-action shotgun, but it has some properties that are important to know. It fires 13 pellets in a static pattern (concentric circles) which is not adjusted by ADS. However, the spread is fairly tight, and can still do decent damage even from medium range. The upgrade path for the Mammoth MK 1 is:

Magazine Size: 5; 6; 7; 8; 9

Damage (Point Blank Body): 75; 75; 75; 75; 105

Damage (Point Blank Head): 105; 105; 105; 105; 120

The Mammoth MK 1 isn’t the most exciting weapon in Hyper Scape, but it’s worth nothing that a fully-upgraded Mammoth can 1-tap enemies with a well-placed headshot, provided you’re no more than about 6-feet away from the target.

The Ripper is a fully automatic assault rifle with a fairly predictable vertical recoil pattern. It has no damage fall-off but does benefit from increased accuracy when aiming down sights. Here is the upgrade path for the Ripper:

Magazine Size: 23; 26; 28; 30; 36

Damage (Body): 11; 11; 11; 11; 13

Damage (Head): 16; 16; 16; 16; 19

Even a Ripper without upgrades can eliminate enemies in just one magazine. While a fully upgraded Ripper does decrease TTK, there are better options for automatic weapons.

The Hexfire is an automatic Gatling gun with a huge magazine and a long reload time. It has no damage fall off, but it does suffer from a massive bullet spread when hip firing. The upgrade path for the Hexfire is:

Magazine Size: 150; 180; 210; 240; 270

Damage (Body): 4; 4; 4; 4; 5

Damage (Head): 6; 6; 6; 6; 7

The Hexfire’s strength is in how forgiving it is to use. Even without an upgrade, the Hexfire is great for unloading damage onto highly mobile enemies. Between the Hexfire and the Ripper, the Hexfire can put out a lot more sustained damage.

The Protocol V is a hitscan sniper rifle and thusly, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It has an extremely limited ammo capacity and should be treated as a special weapon. The upgrade path for the Protocol V is:

Damage (Body): 50: 58; 65; 73; 80

Damage (Head): 75; 87; 97; 109; 120

A hitscan weapon with unlimited range that can 1-shot opponents is clearly extremely powerful. The Protocol V is an amazing tool when combined with high ground and abilities like the wall, which can create instantaneous vantage points.

The Komodo is most similar to a rocket launcher, but what makes this weapon unique is that the blast radius deals flat damage. Whether you fire a direct hit or catch an enemy in the AOE, it has the same effect. The upgrade path for the Komodo is:

Magazine Size: 3; 4; 5; 6; 7

Damage: 20; 20; 20; 20; 25

The Komodo fires fast and the projectiles move quickly, so this is a great weapon to use from above. Combine with the Teleport hack, the Komodo can provide sustained damage. It’s especially effective inside buildings because it doesn’t deal self-damage.

The Salvo EPL is an interesting grenade launcher. The rounds will always bounce twice unless they land directly on an enemy. They seem to have a very narrow proximity trigger as well, so indirect hits work too. The upgrade path for the Salvo EPL is:

Magazine Size: 5; 6; 7; 8; 9

Damage: 25; 25; 25; 25; 31

The Salvo deals more damage than the Komodo with a larger magazine, but because of the grenade bounce, the Komodo is likely more consistent to use.

The Skybreaker is a single-shot energy cannon with unbelievable damage and AOE. The secret to using it effectively is fire from a long-range, as the blast area and damage increase the further away you are from the target. The upgrade path for the Skybreaker is:

Maximum Damage: 50; 57; 65; 72; 80

The Skybreaker’s damage potential is insane. It has the power to eliminate entire teams in a single shot. It’s best used to finish off low health enemies you are chasing, or as an opener against unsuspecting enemies before switching off to a Komodo or Hexfire to finish them off.

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