If the last Doom movie wasn’t bad enough, here’s a straight-to-video reboot

Doom has already gotten the movie treatment once, and the results weren’t great. (Yes, the chainsaw scene was just campy enough to be okay.) Now with Doom Eternal on the way, we’ve got another adaptation coming with Doom: Annihilation – a straight-to-video reboot which at least has a proper portal to Hell and a cast of demonic enemies.

A brief trailer shows the basics, as a group of apparent space marines are called in to deal with a disaster at a research base on Martian moon. There are big guns, vaguely zombie-style monsters, and more properly demonic foes. The trailer does indeed feature the words “portal to Hell” spoken out loud, so it at least fixes the most common complaint about the previous film.

Then again, the trailer also features the words “it’s not a game anymore,” so maybe all hope is lost. Director Tony Giglio has predominantly directed similarly straight-to-video projects in the past, ranging from 1999’s Soccer Dog: The Movie to the more recent SWAT: Under Siege in 2017. Giglio also has some experience in game adaptations as a 2nd unit director on Resident Evil: Afterlife.

You can see the 30-second trailer below.

Doom: Annihilation is set to release this fall. (Just don’t expect it in theatres.)

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The movie might hold you over until the Doom Eternal release date, at least, which is still yet to be confirmed. You can still follow that link for plenty of details on what we know about the upcoming sequel.


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