Imagine A Single Economy For All Gaming Platforms – This Is TriForce Tokens

Modern gaming is inherently flawed, there’s no doubt that publishers and developers are more often than not trying to squeeze consumers for every little bit of cash they may have, be it through highly controversial loot boxes, in-game currency to buy items and DLC packs. Unfortunately, these items and their ascribed value live and die on your game, becoming obsolete when you get bored of the game.

Now, picture a digital marketplace not constrained to one game or platform, a place where you’ll be able to sell these purchases, to return value back into your account to be used for more gaming goodness or to return your purchase back to cold hard cash. In a nutshell, TriForce Tokens aims at creating this new economy with the use of blockchain technology.

What Exactly Is TriForce Tokens and What Does it do?

Ok look, I’m sure you’ve heard of your fair share of cryptocurrency (blockchain) hype – friends scrambling at online platforms to buy digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to make a profit off the ever-increasing price off these digital tokens. While yes Ethereum and Bitcoin are the most used and supported cryptocurrencies, there exists a whole realm of other business making creative use of the blockchain. Unfortunately, many don’t have many practical uses at this stage which yields much uncertainty to an average joe investor like you and me.

TriForce Tokens differs from these ‘altcoins’ as its intention is to be used daily by gamers through the creation of a single economy linking all players together through the exchange of FORCE tokens. The team has a working platform demo which showcases exactly how this economy will work for both developers and players (you can check it out here).

You’ll be able to trade between players, trade with developers and tip each other based on an honorary system similar to how viewers watching streamers donate a little bit of cash (eg. somebody helping you level your character in an RPG). The intention behind this is to promote a positive gaming community through rewards for good-natured players with tips, while isolating toxic gamers.

Piracy is a difficult issue to combat for studios, especially if you running without the budget to introduce anti-piracy measures. Via transactions on the Triforce Token’s blockchain, developers will be able to verify if the person conducting the transaction is using a pirated game or not. With this information, developers can introduce their own anti-piracy measures to tackle pirates (eg. make money off the pirated user through transaction fees, or boot them off the market). Working closely with Coventry University, TriForce token aims at continuously providing anti-piracy research and support.

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Why I find this appealing

Let me cut to the chase. There’s a reason why I’m writing this article, and that’s because I think that time = money, whether it is spending the time to find materials to craft an item to sell on the marketplace or the hours you put in at your day-job to afford you that DLC pack. Which means that your time has created value – value which shouldn’t be hindered by the constraints of a single developer.

Imagine spending an evening crafting World of Warcraft items to exchange for gold bars on Candy Crush, or offering your expertise to help with a Destiny 2 raid to pay for your dinner date tomorrow? Gaming suddenly becomes a business opportunity for players.

I recently started putting little bits of cash money away into cryptocurrencies to see what the level of growth is and if it’s a worthwhile way to earn a little bit extra. As I started researching, I realised that while yes there exists so many investment opportunities, so much of it is actually ‘hype’, people lose loads of cash through investing in the wrong places, or places that don’t interest them (I wouldn’t invest in a company that makes hosepipes, so why should I invest in a company that aims to decentralise computing power for companies that make hosepipes?)

Gaming is something that’s always been close to my heart, but I’ve never been able to make cash off it anymore so than my current writing job here at Gameranx, or by reselling my physical copies, so naturally, when I heard about TriForce, and that you could get a discount by investing early on, I jumped at the opportunity to follow this project and communicate it with you, fellow readers.

You don’t have to own $50 shares in big companies like Nintendo or EA in order to get a piece of this pie, you can kickstart your gaming investment in smaller, but opportunistic companies, even if you don’t have that much cash to throw around.

So, if you are as excited about this as I am the team begins a sale of FORCE Tokens on the 20th of February, giving early buyers a 25% discount. if I’ve wooed you enough, nows the time to be apart of this revolutionary idea. If you want to learn a little bit more about this exciting project you, head on over to their site here, or track their progress on Facebook, here.

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