Intel’s 10-core Comet Lake CPU’s ahead of schedule and set for a CES preview

Intel Comet Lake CPUs are set for a CES preview in January, prior to a February launch, at least that’s what Japanese tech site,, is contending. Though its own Intel CPU roadmap seems to show the desktop versions of the Comet Lake processor architecture with a guesstimated March release date. So it’s all either a dodgy translation, pure guesswork, or it has some sort of source in all this. I know which one I’m putting my money behind…

There have already been 14nm Comet Lake laptop parts released into the wild as some sort of high-performance counterpart to the more advanced, though necessarily slower, 10nm Ice Lake chips. But where the desktop parts will potentially differ, however, is they will represent the first time Intel has introduced a 10-core processor into what is essentially its mainstream line of CPUs.

Of course it’s liable to cost a pretty penny, and won’t exactly be mainstream in that sense, but it will be more accessible than the high-end desktop lineup of Cascade Lake. Though that in itself has had a ‘price reset’ of around 50%, so the Core i9 10900K is unlikely to cost more than the $590 of the Core i9 10900X.