Is Nintendo Teasing the Return of Super Mario Sunshine on Switch?

Earlier today, Nintendo of America Tweeted out a new image of Mario lounging in the summer sun. The render could just be a fun summer-themed design, but Nintendo fans are convinced that there might be something more to it. Earlier this year, rumors began circulating that Super Mario Sunshine will appear on Nintendo Switch, alongside other 3D Mario classics. The game debuted on GameCube back in 2002, and has never been ported to another console. Whether the image is a hint at the game’s return or just some summer fun from Nintendo remains to be seen, but the company has certainly gained the attention of fans!

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Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about Super Mario Sunshine!

It’s been 18 long years.


Those beach visuals would look pretty stunning in HD…


That’s an impressive catch.


Not everyone feels as confident, though.


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