It looks like Fortnite’s getting a flyable aerial vehicle – the ‘Bumble’

It’s looking very likely that Fortnite will be getting its first usable aerial vehicle, and it’s called the ‘Bumble’. While it’s not been officially revealed yet, audio files datamined in the game’s latest v6.22 patch clearly point to a flying vehicle of some description – which could completely change the play dynamic of the game.

Fortnite’s been receiving a slow trickle of vehicles over the months, including the trolley and the golf cart, but so far it’s avoided having any flying vehicles. However, the game’s recently been stretching vertically upwards, with various sky phenomenon, a big floating castle, and let’s not forget the introduction of jetpacks. Nonetheless, a full, proper aerial combat vehicle would be a huge deal for Fortnite, which – jetpacks aside – has up until now still been pretty ground-based.

The Bumble assets were first spotted by popular Twitter dataminers FNBRLeaks. The sound files suggest the Bumble as being able to go “overhead” at various distances, such as ‘Distant’ and ‘Close’, as well as a file labelled ‘Travel’. FNBRLeaks described the audio as sounding like a plane of some description.

They then later tweeted out an example of one of the audio files, and it does indeed sound like a plane, or some sort of helicopter. Have a listen below and decide for yourselves:

With the demise of Kevin the Cube and the latest transformation to the map, Fortnite players are looking forward to whatever fun shenanigans Epic will bring to the world’s most popular battle royale game next – and aerial combat would certainly be an exciting addition to the game. When it will happen, though, is anyone’s guess.

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