It looks like League of Legends’ next champion is a support mage

League of Legends developer Riot Games has teased its next new champion. In a video posted to Twitter earlier today, a handful of developers discussed the company’s plans for the coming year, offering a split-second tease of the new character, who will be a support.

In the relevant tweet, which we’ve embedded towards the bottom of this article, lead producer Joseph ‘New001’ Tung discusses the many changes on their way to the game in 2019. From the return of ARURF, to the continuation of the League of Legends Marvel Comic series, to the game’s ongoing esports scene, there’s plenty to take in.

Most importantly, however, there’s news about new and reworked champions. The first tease relates to the new-look Kayle and Morgana. The celestial sisters first had their upcoming rework teased all the way back in August, and although we haven’t heard that much about them since, Tung suggests an update isn’t that far away. Even more importantly, however, the video offers the first glimpse at a brand-new support champion.

That all-too brief teaser focuses on what is very clearly a magic book. With a large blue gemstone at its centre, the book is also emitting a soft pink and purple light. Elsewhere in the image, a crystal ball and a few non-descript books and scrolls can be seen.

Sadly, that tells us very little. There are some books and scrolls littered throughout League of Legends – Ryze’s massive tomes, Morellonomicon, and Amplifying Tome are all examples, suggesting that we’ll be getting a mage support. This book isn’t any of those, however, so there’s very little else I can add.

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The video also mentions that the Star Guardian skin-line, one of League of Legends’ most popular and most anime offerings, is on its way back, but beyond that there’s little else to glean. Based on that, if you were hoping for some sort of timeline on this new champion, I’m going to have to disappoint you. Based on the time between between new champion Sylas’ first teaser and his release, however, I might guess that we’ll get our hands on this new support towards the beginning of the summer.

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