John Romero’s spiritual successor to Doom has been delayed

Sigil, the Doom megawad being developed by series co-creator John Romero, has been delayed. In an update posted last week, Romero confirmed that production issues around premium versions of the game meant that the entire project had to be pushed back.

Romero’s update says that “a few snags in production” meant that the game’s two boxed copies (one of which comes with a metal statue of Romero’s head on a spike) will now ship “sometime in April.” It’s pretty late notice, particularly given that we’re bang in the middle of the megawad’s original mid-February release date. Unfortunately, the delays also means that you’ll have to wait for the free version of the game.

If you missed the original announcement, Romero describes Sigil – which was announced late last year – as a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Doom. When it releases, it’ll feature nine single-player and nine multiplayer levels, but you’ll need to own a registered copy of the original 1993 release of the shooter in order to play.

Come April, assuming you do actually own the game, you’ll be able to download the mod, but sadly if you’re only learning about Sigil now, you’ve missed your opportunity to get a dead Romero head – pre-orders closed on Christmas Eve, 2018.

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If you prefer your Doom a little more relevant to this millenium, then you’ll be glad to know that Doom 2016 is getting its sequel. The Doom Eternal release date is still something of a mystery, but we’re expecting it to be available some time later this year.

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