Kinect Adapter Discontinued By Microsoft

The essential ingredient to your Xbox One package advertised all these years ago was Microsoft’s Kinect, back in 2013 many fans were outraged to see that Microsoft was forcing gamers to pay an extra $100 to have an accessory which should be optional (that and it would have to always be on, creepy.) – this lead to the advertisement of an Xbox One package without the adapter.

Now it seems that Microsoft has entirely given up on the hopes of making the Kinect a thing. Following the discontinuation of the actual Kinect device last year, the massive computing company has also stopped production on the Kinect adapter.

The Kinect 2.0 adapter was provided for free to any user who upgraded from the base Xbox One to the Xbox One S, which lacked a dedicated Kinect port. Gamers needed to send both consoles’ serial codes to Microsoft to get the adaptor or purchase one for $39.99.

The news of the final end of Kinect is pretty unsurprising, considering the Kinect hasn’t had any real functionality besides voice commands since 2016.

Do you still use your Kinect? What are your thoughts on the discontinuation of the adapter? Let us know in the comments below.


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