Larian’s website hints at Divinity: Original Sin 3

The makers of the Divinity games are teasing something big. Larian Studios’ website has been taken over by a giant roman numeral for ‘three,’ prompting PC role-playing game fans the world over to rejoice over the possibility of Divinity: Original Sin 3. That’s the most obvious possibility, but it’s not the only one – there are a couple of other third games Larian could be making.

Whatever the case, expect more information soon with E3 on the horizon. Coming off the roaring success of Original Sin 2, a major Larian Studios title would be a natural addition to any showcase that wants to make a splash with the PC community. That could mean the PC Gaming Show (though Larian is not currently listed among the partners there) or Microsoft’s Xbox presentation.

Divinity: Original Sin 3 is the most likely game for this announcement, but it’s worth noting that the proper Divinity series ended on Divinity II – so Divinity III isn’t out of the question. There were also rumours last year that Larian was working on a Baldur’s Gate 3, though those were rumours the studio itself denied.

Check out the official site to stare at the III for yourself.

You can expect the Divinity: Fallen Heroes release date to come a bit sooner than whatever this is, though Larian has yet to nail down a specific launch window for the tactical spin-off, either.

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We will, of course, keep you updated on any and all announcement for games with a three in the title. Larian does what Valve don’t, I guess.

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