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Last BattleGround: Survival (PUBG for android phones)

Have you been sucked into the craze that is PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds? Well don’t feel bad, so have I. Now if only there was a way that I could play it while I was at work on break….

Well you see there are actually some options to do this, and they are right in the google play store… . Well some of them are. I played one called Grand battle royal for a while and tho it was fun it still needed a lot of work, its minecraft style and auto lock and shoot left it lacking what I truly wanted.

Most others that you will find within the play store will follow this trend, they all almost hit the mark but never quite hit the nail on the head….. until now.

I came across this app and was instantly interested. The one huge problem with it was that it was country locked. Meaning that I could not download it because I was inside of the united states…… What a bummer right? Wrong, with a simple walk around I was able to get my hands on the apk and was able to zip it and install it on my phone. Within a couple of minuets I was inside of a match playing. This game is almost an exact clone of the PUBG that we play on the computer. down to the plane you ride in, to the zone shrinking as you play. they have crate drops as well. the only thing that I have yet to come across are vehicles. But I don’t doubt that they will make their way to it if they aren’t already in it.

I will keep it updated here when they drop updates to the game until they release it in the playstore for the usa. So to download it, just click or tap the name of the app below, it will download the zip file with the apk in it. then just extract the zip and give it a install.

Last BattleGround: Survival (195 downloads)


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