Latest PUBG Xbox One Patch Aims At Optimization

There’s no doubt that PUBG is a massive work in progress on the Xbox One, unfortunately, due to hype and Microsoft’s publishing rights, PUBG Corp. had to release the game on Xbox One before it was actually really properly playable. That being said, every day is a step closer to the final product as the devs introduce hotfixes and patch update,with the latest patch addressing issues of optimisation, rubberbanding, server performance during the parachuting stage and alterations to gameplay.

The patch does fix other gameplay issues and notes other problems to be sorted during the next patch.

You can check out the list of changes down below.


  • Pistols have been removed from Y button’s weapon rotation and grouped with the melee weapon.
  • Players can now equip pistols by pressing ‘up’ on the D pad.


  • Continued improvements related to player “rubber banding”.
  • Enhanced server performance while parachuting.


  • Added a new controller preset to options menu.
    • Type B (new preset) now supports:
      • Holding LT to aim down sight.
      • Holding LB to use 3rd person perspective aim sight.
  • Controller guide has been updated to include  the new controller preset.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players repositioned out of the battleground after certain actions and remained invulnerable until the end of the match.
  • Additional memory and non-memory related crash fixes.
  • Fixed the inability to join duo/squad through invites outside of game.

Known issues to be addressed next patch:

  • Dropping objects causes the player to switch weapons.
  • User is unable to switch grenade types when tapping right on the D-Pad.


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