Latest Xbox One Alpha Update Adds Scheduled Themes

The latest update for Microsoft’s Xbox One is set to add a nifty new feature that fans have been looking forward to, Scheduled themes. Essentially, these themes work similarly to how the windows desktop background cycling functions – except with themes. It’s not the most amazing addition, but it’s still something fans wanted to see.

That aside, the update also includes a couple of fixes, including how screenshots would sometimes cause crashes, and how party chat would crash when in the guide menu.

If you are apart of the Xbox One Alpha group, you should have this update available, otherwise, you’ll have to wait a little bit before it’s introduced to the general public.

Check out the full list of changes below:

New Features

Scheduled Themes
You asked-we listened! We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the ability to put your themes on a schedule. In addition to choosing either the light or dark theme, you can now switch to them. Simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings and Personalization and Theme and motion.
  • Select Scheduled from the “System theme” dropdown.
  • The light theme to start and end

Guide Enhancements

  • A new icon will appear in the guide. The guide game pass discovery tile (“surprise me with a random game pass game tile”), now shows in guide.



  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused screenshots to fail to display in a problem or on the console.

Party Chat

  • Party chat is now fixed to not crash when in the guide.

Known Issues

My Games And Apps

  • When downloading and installing games, the progress bar and the complete percentage are not sync and show inaccurate data. The games and apps do not install correctly.

Background Screenshots

  • Background screenshots are showing up as 4:3 format rather than 16:9

Guides / Home Crashing

  • And root crash. A fix is being worked on. Workaround: In the interim please HARD Reboot the console to fix this issue.

System Update

  • You may encounter an E105 error when the console starts up after downloading the system update. Workaround: Select the Repair option, and the issue should resolve after rebooting the console.

Games Installation

  • Games that are installed fail to launch. Workaround: If you are an external drive please copy the game to the internal drive or attempt to delete the title and redownload to fix the launch error.


  • We are investigating the inaccurate RGB colors when shown in UHD disc.


  • Tournament creation is currently reversed when the language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed when the language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in the bracket view of Tournaments is reversed when the language is set to Arabic or Hebrew

Avatars On Home

  • Users wishing to represent themselves as an avatar can change their settings under My profile and Customize profile and Show my avatar.


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