League of Legends’ latest teaser could be a new look at the upcoming support champion

A new League of Legends teaser suggests is pointing to a major announcement some time tomorrow. Multiple official Riot accounts tweeted a short video earlier today which fans think could be the next step in the company’s partnership with Marvel comics, or our first look at the game’s next champion.

The tweet, which we’ve embedded further down this article, shows a golden crest with an eagle on it. A flash of light causes a rift to appear down the centre of that shield, before splitting into two pieces. The caption above the video reads “it was my light that did this.”

A reference to light makes for an immediate link to Lux, a light mage whose spells share something of a colour scheme with the flash that breaks that shield in two. Furthermore, Lux is from an in-game region known as Demacia, and that golden eagle crest is pretty emotive of several characters who hail from that particular city-state. Lux’s recent involvement in the lore behind recent roster addition Sylas could explain the caption of that video.

On the other hand, it’s been long enough since the release of Sylas and Neeko that we could reasonably start to expect a new champion. Riot revealed that the new League of Legends character would be “a whimsical support” back in January, and given the usual timing of this kind of thing, it wouldn’t surprise me if the patch due to drop in late May were to feature that new champion.

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That said, this teaser doesn’t seem particularly whimsical, and we’re a good way off patch 9.10, so I’m leaning closer towards something to do with Lux. Some players think we’re about to see yet another skin for the character, but given the reception around Riot’s partnership with Marvel for Ashe: Warmother, the best guess for now is that the companies are gearing up to announce another comic series.

Either way, the teaser makes it clear that we’ll find out tomorrow. The full reveal, whatever it may be, will drop at 08:00 PT (11:00 ET, 16:00 BST) on Wednesday, April 24.

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