League of Legends “most toxic streamer” just shared the official analysts’ desk

Controversial League of Legends streamer Tyler1 appears to have been completely forgiven by the game’s developers, Riot Games. The streamer showed up in a guest capacity during the recent NA LCS Finals, which took place last weekend.

Tyler1, who enjoys the reputation of one of the most-watched League of Legends streamers on Twitch, has had a spotted past when it comes to the game. His extremely negative behaviour eventually lead to a permanent ID ban in 2016. After more than 20 of his accounts were banned for extreme toxicity, Riot handed down the punishment which meant that any account the streamer was found to be playing on would be automatically banned, effectively ending Tyler1’s ability to stream the game.

The ban lasted for around 18 months, before Riot eventually overturned the punishment. Tyler claims to have “reformed” since his punishment, and has yet to be sanctioned again since making his return a year ago. In fact, he’s been doing very well – his first League of Legends stream after the ban was lifted briefly held a record for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch.

After only being allowed back to the game around a year ago, however, Tyler1 showed up at the NA LCS Finals over the weekend. He appeared briefly on the analyst desk, and while there managed to find an opportunity to plug his personal merchandise store. Later in the show, he also appeared in a show match alongside several other members of the community.

This wasn’t the first time a League of Legends personality has appeared alongside Riot employees at an event like this – most notably, pro-player Doublelift filled in during Worlds 2015. However, this is definitely the first time a player as controversial as Tyler1 has made their way to the desk.

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In my opinion, it’s a disappointing decision. There are plenty of other popular League of Legends personalities out there who have done far less damage than Tyler1 to the state of the community, and esports in general. It’s one thing to claim to have reformed, but the clear contempt with which he has held both Twitch and Riot at certain points over the last 12 months make him an odd choice of ambassador. You can watch Tyler1’s appearance in the video above.

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