League of Legends’ next champion is Yuumi, a “whimsical support”

After leaks last night, Riot has officially confirmed Yuumi as the next League of Legends champion, publishing a new teaser. The developer says the new support will be coming to PBE soon.

Riot hinted in earlier developer blogs that Yuumi would be cat-related, and that theme continues here. The teaser, which focuses on an enchanting book, holds several references to fish.

The bookmark and name confirmation add some credibility to earlier leaks, which showcased a feline sitting on a tome. If an accidental thumbnail from YouTuber Nasteey is to be believed, Yuumi’s Q will be some kind of projectile and her W a jump or dash.

Unverified rumors from a private Discord also describe Yuumi’s passive. A description suggests that her next auto-attack after charge up period will do extra magic damage. Allegedly, the Q does magic damage but doesn’t pierce minions. If in the air for over a second, it will slow enemies and do extra damage. Even so, it’s the detailed description of her W that’s catching some fan’s eyes.

“You dash into a target ally champion and become untargetable,” reads the message. During this time you buff the champion you are attached to. You cannot be knocked out of the champion unless the person you are attached to dies. If you use W again while you are attached to someone. or the person you are attached to dies, you dash out of them and (in the case of the target dying) go untargetable for a bit.”

The E reportedly has two charges and acts as a self-heal. When inside a character, E it heals the teammate, too, while skill shots can be controlled mid-air with the cursor. Meanwhile, Yuumi’s ultimate is described as a seven-wave AOE that deals damage and roots if enemies are hit by at least three.

Yummi model leak

As always, fans should take these ‘leaks’ with a big grain of salt. Though Riot has confirmed Yuumi, it hasn’t commented on her abilities. A clever player could craft convincing information based on previous leaks.

League of Legend’s 9.9 patch launched on the PBE yesterday, but it didn’t usher any major changes. In the near future, though, LoL is due a new AD assassin. The game’s Pantheon will also get a rework, alongside Mordekaiser.

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These in-progress additions should make for an exciting few weeks of discussion during the painful wait for Yuumi to hit the PBE.

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