League of Legends Players Are About to Choose the Best Spirit Blossom Champion

League of Legends players have been working their way towards a big decision over the past couple of days: Which Spirit Blossom champion is the best of all? Those opinions have been channeled into votes on Twitter submitted to a series on ongoing polls from Riot Games where the League team pitted one Spirit Blossom champion against another until there were only two left. The two final choices are Spirit Blossom Kindred and Spirit Blossom Ahri, and players only have a short while left to vote on which one they think is best.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the Spirit Blossom votes on Twitter, the official League of Legends account shared a bracket not long ago that put different champions against each other. Players were asked to vote on each matchup to choose who was better, and the winners progressed to the next round.

The votes continued until there was only Kindred and Ahri left. The two had to beat every other Spirit Blossom champion to get where they are now, but only one of them will be crowned the winner.

If you feel strongly about one champion or the other, you can cast your vote in the Twitter poll below to help decide which one should win.

League’s Spirit Blossom collection of skins were completed after Yone was released and got his launch skin that made him the 10th champion to get a Spirit Blossom cosmetic. The skins were accompanied by a bigger event that’s still going on now and consists of another event pass, unique items, and an extra feature called “Spirit Bonds.”

That Spirit Bonds system is totally new to League and allows players to interact with the Spirit Blossom champions in what’s been likened to a lite version of a dating sim. Riot said the Spirit Bonds system has been pretty successful so far, so much so that it could influence future events by seeing more features like that added.

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