League of Legends’ Yuumi has the game’s lowest winrate in seven years

League of Legends’ latest new champion might be one of the most adorable characters in the game, but she’s not proving particularly effective. Yuumi arrived today with the arrival of patch 9.10, but hasn’t proven to be particularly effective.

In fact, I should probably adjust your expectations downwards from there. Earlier today, League of Legends tracking application Lolalytics stated that across more than 13,000 ranked games in Platinum and above, Yuumi had a winrate of 29.71%. That’s since risen to a little over 30%, but still means that the Magical Cat is rocking the lowest winrate for a new or reworked champion on the day of their release in nearly seven years.

For the record, the most successful champions in the game right now are operating at a winrate of about 55%. The next lowest-performing champions (either Ryze or Akali, depending on who you ask) have winrates of about 43%, which far outstrips what Yuumi’s managed to achieve. The ideal, of course, is a roughly 50/50 win to loss ratio.

While Yuumi appears to be struggling, she’s not having quite as bad a time as another champion had on their release. When Syndra arrived in September 2012, her winrate dropped as low as 27%.

Given Yuumi’s success rate is this low, it’s pretty likely that Riot will look to roll out some fixes in the not too-distant future. Whether they’ll show up during patch 9.10 remains to be seen, but the game’s developers have been stung before – both Bard and Ivern suffered at launch, but then a series of buffs and increased player ability made them stronger than originally intended. While Yuumi’s struggling now, overdoing it with the hotfixes could create more problems down the road.

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If you’re in the market for some tips, I must confess that I’m yet to try Yuumi for myself, but I’m seeing suggestions that leaning into the champion’s untargetable nature isn’t the way to succeed. You’ll want to be zipping back and forth between allies, while making sure to stay out of trouble as much as possible. It would seem, however, that taking Flash isn’t worth your trouble – instead, get your ADC to talk TP, and replace it with barrier.

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