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LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 5: House Parr-ty

The Parr house is under siege in Level 5 of our LEGO The Incredibles walkthrough.

With Dash, Violet, Frozone and Jack-Jack, you’ll have to fight back an entire time of brainwashed supers. Elastigirl’s team has been taken over by Screenslaver, and they’ll do anything to crush the Parr family. You’ll methodically battle (almost) every member of the super-team, starting with Helectrix and ending with a titanic fight against Brick, with an assist by Krushauer.

Meanwhile, Helen has learned the secret identity of the Screenslaver. While trying to confront her, she’s mind-controlled — and eventually, so is Mr. Incredible. Things are looking pretty bad for the heroes, so its up to the kids to stop Screenslaver’s plans.

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Walkthrough | Level 5: House Parr-ty

To start the level, you’ll need to distract the guard blocking the level entrance. At the party, you’ll have control over Elastigirl and Voyd – smash the speaker on the left, then use the Grapple Point on the speaker on the right. Next, keep going right and smash the LEGO spotlight to construct a Portal Wall. Voyd can create a portal here – up above, smash the stuff behind the big sign to make it topple over. Build the hopping bricks down below to build a giant cake that will keep that guard distracted.

PART 1: House Interior – Screenslaver has sent the entire super team to take down the remaining Parr family! The brainwashed supers break in, and you’ll have to defeat them with the help of Frozone. Helectrix is the first foe you’ll face. Start by defeating all the mind-controlled goons in the kitchen and then smashing the LEGO dining table. Build the pieces and turn the green turnstyle to make a generator appear.

You don’t have any electricity characters, but Helectrix will work! Wait for him to shoot an electricity projectile and hide near the generator to charge it. After starting up the party, you’ll need to charge it up! Combine Violet + Dash and jump into the Spinner on the left. When it’s fully charged, use Frozone to create an ice bubble around Helectrix.

That’s one hero down, but Screech shows up next. Smash all the purple LEGO objects in the room, then enter Violet’s Bubble to fill her psychic power meter. Build at the Purple Marker to create a microphone – next, combine Violet + Dash again to cross the lava on the right, then jump into the Hamster Wheel with Dash. That causes the balcony to collapse, defeating Screech.

Next up is Reflux! Build the hopping bricks to the left and use the Dash Pad to reach the second floor. All the destruction Dash’s running causes creates an Ice Spot for Frozone to freeze. After Frozone creates an ice ladder, climb up and turn invisible with Violet to sneak by Reflux. Use the Tech Access terminal behind Reflux to distract him.

PART 2: House Exterior – Jack-Jack can escape all by himself when Reflux is distracted, and that leads into the second part of this stage. Outside, you’ll face Brick, the biggest and strongest member of the super team. There’s a Family Build in the center of the area. To use it, you’ll need three Power Bricks.

To damage Brick, wait for her to sprint and crash into a wall. While she’s stunned, attack! After a single hit, the psychic hero Krushauer will appear. After defeating enough Screenslaver goons, gold LEGO bricks will appear on Krushauer’s tower of debris. Melt them with Jack-Jack (Fire)’s laser beam.

While Krushauer is stunned, attack him to reach the next phase of the fight. You’ll need to battle Brick and Krushauer at the same time! To damage Brick and get the three Power Bricks you need, wait for the icon to appear with the falling boulder. When the boulder lands, stand behind it to trick Brick into charging into it – the broken boulders will drop Power Bricks!

Collect three Power Bricks from three broken boulders to use the Family Build. Build the giant “Bish Bash Bots” toy and use the terminal, then mash buttons to totally defeat the mind-controlled heroes. For beating this level, you’ll unlock Voyd for your open-world Free Play collection. Next time, we’re going to bring down Screenslaver in a final showdown.


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