Little Devil Inside’s Main Story to Last 20 Hours; Total Playtime May Reach 100 Hours

Developer Neostream’s unique and beautifully designed title, Little Devil Inside, will provide players with around 100 hours of total playtime.

The game managed to achieve over 122% of its AU$ 250,000 goal on Kickstarter back in May 2015. The developer was recently featured in an interview with Korean website Inven Global where they discussed Little Devil Inside’s playtime, post-release DLC plans and more.

The main story is 20 hours, and the total playtime will probably be 100 hours on average. Our intention is for players to have a “lingering feeling” from the process of slaying monsters and coming back.

First off, it will be a full-priced package game. With DLC, we haven’t thought about it yet. But, the background of Little Devil Inside is in Europe, and if we want to add content that allows characters to travel to Asia to study ghosts or something like that, then it will be possible.

When the game succeeds, we would like to make an IP with it. We’ll make the 2nd and 3rd games with this theme afterward.

Little Devil Inside is scheduled to enter its testing phase in late 2018 and will release on PC first then consoles. Check out the game’s test build gameplay.

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