Little Witch In The Woods – Adorable Fantasy Game

Little Witch in the Woods is one of the most adorable upcoming indie games, here is everything we know about the game!

What is Little Witch in the Woods all about?

Little Witch in the Woods is a fantasy role playing game where you get to live the life of a witch. The ability to use magic always adds such a special component to any game, especially adorable sim-life games like this one. You play as Ellie, a little witch that has just come to a new town, and you are set to be a part of a “witch’s house”. Only, when you arrive, it appears that the town is near empty, and the witch’s house is in disrepair.

Master the Witchcraft!

Little Witch in the woods

Your ultimate goal is to mastery witchery, by learning potions as an apprentice at the witches house. You must explore the region to acquire all that you need to create whatever potion is required. There are many different things throughout the world that you can collect for potion making, including taking the fur off some adorable little bouncing creatures.

The land before you is a magical and mystical place, full of unique experiences to be had. The inhabitants of the town are varied creatures, all with their own stories to tell, and little additions for your adventure.

Little Witch in the Woods Reveal Trailer

Sunnyside Up Games is the tiny studio behind this adorable title and luckily they were kind enough to show off some early gameplay footage of the game. Take a looksie at the cute reveal trailer below!

Little Witch in the Woods on Nintendo Switch?

The developers are currently aiming for a PC Steam release sometime this year and are also trying to release the game on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4! If you’d like to see the game on other platforms than PC make sure to show your support and follow the developers on Twitter!

More about Little Witch in the Woods

I had a chance to sit down with the small indie developer team behind this adorable game, head over here if you’d like to learn more and take a more in-depth look at Little Witch in the Woods,

Thank you mypotatogames!

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