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Loot Crate God Of War Limited Edition Crate Review

The Loot Crate Limited Edition God Of War Crate is a limited edition box from Loot Crate featuring exclusive God of War collectibles, apparel & more. This one-time box from Loot Crate costs $49.99 plus $10 US shipping & handling ($74.99 shipped for international) and is still available in all sizes!

The box features the father and son tandem of Kratos and Atreus, the main protagonists of the game.

The box is filled with amazing God Of War items to the brim!

The box can be reversed from black to this red one that says “A new beginning”.

There are other featured characters on the box, like these two giant wolves, Sköll and Hati.

Yggdrasil is the mythical tree that connects all the realms in Norse mythology together.

The info card looks awesome and can pass as a poster design!

The info card lists all the items included in the crate.

Everything in my box!

Challenge Coin Keychain. For those who purchased the box before 5/31, they will receive this bonus challenge coin keychain! On this side, it features Atreus’ weapon, the Talon Bow.

The other side of the coin is dedicated to Atreus’ father Kratos, and it features his Leviathan axe. It’s a totally hefty coin and a great bonus!

God of War Pin Set. For the pin set in this box, they feature the Guardian shield set!

Bare hand attacks actually deal more damage than melee weapons, even if you aren’t doing as much. And with the help of the Guardian Shield owned by Kratos, it can retract and extend to block most incoming attacks, or held out at the last moment to stun an enemy and ready a counter attack if skills are purchased.

God of War Poster. This stunning art, which measures 14 in. x 21.5 in., depicts the scene where Kratos and Atreus, upon reaching the Lake of Nine, encountered the World Serpent, Jörmungandr. too bad it didn’t come in a tube or protective box.

God of War Leviathan Axe Hoodie. It’s really a high-quality hoodie, though I won’t really be able to enjoy using it quite yet. Still, it’s a cool wearable to have around!

There are pockets located at the front of the hoodie, it can fit small stuff that I need to bring when going out, and it eliminates the need to grab and bring a small bag! The one pocket can hold most phones, which is rad (and a totally new thing for me!).

The hoodie is well-made, you can certainly tell by the feel of it. And it features the game’s logo at the right chest part.

And the back got a cool image of the Leviathan axe! It looks like I have a weapon situated at my back and I can just grab it when needed!

God of War Ashes Dice Bag & Runes. Kratos and Atreus’ mission is to bring and scatter Laufey’s ashes to the highest peaks in all the realms, and this is what they brought to fulfill that personal promise!

Instead of ashes, the bag contains 7 dice as a tribute to ancient Norse games! This is awesome because it’s a great display item and collectible – and you can use it for tabletop gaming! I love it.

God of War Playing Card Deck. The deck features the characters and environments of the latest chapter of the saga!

The set contains all 52 playable cards and 2 joker cards.

The print is really high-quality, they look extremely good as collectible cards!

Each character from the game had their own card! Here are the cards for one of the suits, the club.

And here are the designs for the face cards of each suit, I am seeing Kratos took the king of hearts!

God of War Mug. The cool mug features an in-game art of who Kratos once was, the God of War!

The art is incredible, this appears to be more of a display item than a usable mug!

Here, we can see that Kratos is wielding his double-chained blade, which was replaced by the Leviathan axe in the current gameplay. This is one of my favorite mugs of all time from a subscription box (and that’s really saying something). The design really blew me away.

God of War Mini Leviathan Axe Paper Weight. Speaking of weaponry, and now that Kratos is without his chained double-blade, the Huldra brothers Sindri and Brok forged Thor’s hammer Mjölnir into this axe which is known as the Leviathan.

It comes in a very cool box too, as cool as the main weapon!

The Leviathan Axe is enchanted with the power of ice, and can be charged up to stun and freeze enemies allowing for additional follow-up strikes when they cannot defend themselves. However, striking with the axe usually won’t raise an enemy’s stagger meter – unless the axe knocks them into the environment.

I’m impressed by the high-quality details, even the rock base!

The axe even have different pommels! And this axe actually features the Wooden Grip, a crude wooden axe grip which the player starts with.

The Leviathan also has several runes inscribed on the blade that grants it different powers. Among them is the use of ice, and also, the ability to recall the weapon from any distance, just like Thor’s hammer!

This is certainly an awesome desk decor!

All the goodies we got from the God of War Crate are all fantastic! The items were all well-made and of high-quality. The hoodie is one of the main items we’re looking forward to, though at this point we can’t really use it outside… Well, better have it handy for the cold months to come. I love the Leviathan at the back too! Other favorites were the dice set and cards, and of course, the Leviathan paperweight. Who wouldn’t love a good heavy axe to keep papers from flying around? The mug has an old feel design that makes me just want to store it in my display cabinet than to use it, the artwork is just impressive!

Did you get a Limited Edition God Of War Crate

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