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Loot Gaming September 2017 Subscription Box Review &Coupon

Loot Gaming is a monthly subscription box from Loot Crate featuring collectibles, apparel, accessories and more from the biggest and best video game universes. Each box will have $60 in items, plus a booklet/mini-mag and pin.

DEAL: Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION to save 10% on any plan (or SAVE3 if you want one box to save $3!).

The theme for September 2017 is AUGMENT!

The box transforms into this Destiny 2 vintagey cache.

This month’s poster has amazing artwork from Destiny 2!

This month’s Crate features items from Destiny 2, Borderlands, and Prey.

Everything in my September 2017 Augment Loot Gaming!

Destiny Strange Coin Pin – The design is inspired by the Strange Coin from the Destiny game franchise.

It is the game’s main currency. It looks cool, doesn’t it?

I like the futuristic vibe coming from this pin, plus also for at least this month, they kinda went back to the token/game coin idea.

Destiny 2 Ghost T-Shirt – The shirt that comes in the box is another Destiny item. It features Ghost, a levitating artificial intelligence used by the Guardians from the game.

Soft and comfy, this shirt is great for any casual day.

Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Figure – Another Destiny item! It’s Cayde-6, an Exo and a Vanguard for the Hunter class.

The box looks sleek in black. It features a cool photo of Cayde-6.

Here he is! The figure stands at 4.5″ tall from the base. It has some really intricate details.

It looks precise even from the back.

The makers captured him really well.

Also, he’s House Gryffindor!

Prey Talos I Water Bottle – The next item is a water container with a design featuring Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon, from Prey.

It comes with a pop-out mouthpiece and straw for less spills. Also, FYI it’s a hand-wash only plasticware.

Borderlands Patch & Pin Set – The Weapon Manufacturers from Borderlands make their presence felt in the box with this patch and pin set!

It features patches from Torgue and Vladof, while the pins are from Bandit and Hyperion.

Torgue weapons are high damage and slightly higher fire-rate weapons, but suffers from much lower accuracy and recoil reduction. Vladof have very high fire rate and good recoil reduction, but suffers from much lower accuracy.

Hyperion has very high recoil reduction and accuracy, while Bandit has kooky designs and mediocre stats that all share one special feature: large magazines. These are

With all the goodies from these highly awesome games, the box is a sure win and I think everyone was SO pumped about the Destiny & Borderlands items. The water bottle and the Strange Coin pin are my favorites, and also the shirt is lit too.

What do you think of Loot Gaming this month?

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