Mario Kart Mod Adds A Racetrack To Breath Of The Wild

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Screenshot: Waikuteru

You’re playing Breath of the Wild, enjoying the vast expanse and the sun-drenched solitude, when suddenly, on the horizon appears…Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Wii?

This new mod from Waikuteru is one of the most impressive Breath of the Wild-related things I’ve ever seen. They’ve added an entire Mario Kart track to the game, and it’s even powered by a custom quest and dialogue.

That’s the good news! The slightly less good news is that obviously only time-trial play is available, since this is Breath of the Wild, a singleplayer game, and not Mario Kart, a multiplayer racing game that you probably already own and which also features both Link and the Master Cycle.

Being a mod this is obviously only available for folks who are playing Breath of the Wild on PC.

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