Mario Kart Tour Adds In A Pirate Theme Event

The Nintendo company has pulled out some incredible video game titles in the market over the years. It’s a company that’s well known over the world with such iconic IPs and each year we are eager to see what video game titles are releasing into the market. However, after several decades of being a game development company that has brought out nothing but titles for their own dedicated hardware, they finally opened up to the idea of having Nintendo games brought out onto the smartphone marketplace.

While not every IP is accounted for in the mobile smartphone marketplace, there are a few gems, one of which is Mario Kart. This game series has been around since the days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System but was really refined with the release on the Nintendo 64. Over the years, we’ve seen so many fun and incredible mechanics releases for the franchise, but fans can enjoy this game once again through a free game application on your mobile smartphone.

Mario Kart Tour is available now for players to enjoy. The game is a bit simplistic compared to the more current console release, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, but the overall mechanics are available such as using different power-ups or selecting your character. There are event different events that players may want to take part in.

One of the latest events was announced which is set to be based around pirates. During the first week, players will find that Bowser Jr. in pirate gear will be present. With a Pirate Sushi Racer Kart and a Lightening Oilpaper glider, Bowser Jr. will not only have some pirate gear to make use of but he will have access to a special item as well, the Bob-omb Cannon.

Secondly the followingweek you will find a returning character from the Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 classic and that is King Bob-Omb. This iconic boss will emerge for players to enjoy with his Silver Bullet Blaster kart and the Bob-omb Parafoil glider. Just like Bowser Jr. there is a special item for players to make use of as well which is the Giga Bob-omb. This event will last until August 25, 2020, so make sure to log into your accounts and enjoy the content while it lasts.

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