Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to Receive Free DLC Update Which Includes Colossus & Cyclops as well as New Character Skins

Marvel Minute has announced some exciting news for fans of Nintendo’s recently released superhero title -Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order!

Fans will be receiving the free new update this Friday, August 30th and it will include a slew of awesome free new additions! The two big additions are the iconic X-Men characters Colossus and Cyclops joining the game. Yes, now players will be able to play as either Colossus or Cyclops come this Friday and that’s not all!

In addition, fans will be treated to some new character skins for Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain Marvel. If those are some of your go-to characters, you will be happy changing up their look every now and then and these new free skins will free as well!

Check out the announcement of Colossus and Cyclops debut in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 down below (Footage starts at 1:20) :

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is now available for the Nintendo Switch! Are you excited to get your hands on some free DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube


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