MDK Is Free On GOG

Get oldschool! The 90’s third-person shooter, MDK is completely free on good old

MDK or ‘Murder Death Kill’ originally released way back in 1997 following the story of a strangely equipped agent who has a sniper mounted on his head and a parachute which technically shouldn’t allow anything to float. Players will find themselves having to topple an alien mining corporation as the try remove earth’s minerals from all major cities. Of course, humans are in the way of this goal so your goal is to basically kill anything that moves.

The main objective of the game is to basically shoot everything that moves and everything means every alien you will come across. The one and only way to stop the alien invasion is to kill’em all by any means necessary, such as the smallest nuclear bomb, surfboard-like jet or bomber plane. Your goal is simple – repulse the alien invasion and save the Earth… almost single-handedly.

  • One of the greatest and most memorable action games of all time
  • Fun and addictive gameplay, filled with humor – a trademark of games by Shiny Entertainment

It’s a classic title, maybe just as iconic as games like lode runner or dig dug (with regards to gaming in 90’s) and it’s free, so make sure you pick it up, here.

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