Melodic Noir Adventure ‘The Piano’ Sounds Like a Noteworthy Horror

Mistaken Visions is an indie group hailing from Hamburg, and boy do they have a terrific concerto prepared for all music lovers. The Piano is a noir-horror adventure that’s framed around a disturbing murder mystery. You are John Barnerway, failed Parisian pianist, and you’ve been blamed for your brothers’ murders. There’s definitely a motivation somewhere in that sentence, but if you want to prove your innocence, your only shot is by gathering relevant clues and solving puzzles that skulk in the darkest recesses of your mind.

This ambitious piece of work—which like Silent Hill before it, credits film noir as a major influence—has been in development for five years, and hopes to provide players with a more intimate thrill fest that dares to go beyond the jump-scare mould. Expect a hair-raising eight hour campaign complete with the spoils of an immersive OST and full voice acting.

The Piano releases via Steam on May 24. Make sure you have an extra $9.99 USD handy.

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