Metro Exodus has sold a lot better than Last Light

It would seem that despite the many concerns around Metro Exodus’ move to the Epic Games store, there hasn’t been too big an impact on its overall sales. In the UK’s physical charts, the game sold almost 50% more than its most recent predecessor, Metro Last Light.

That’s brought it to number two in the charts, where it’s come in just behind Far Cry New Dawn – Ubisoft’s own take on the apocalypse beat Metro to the top spot by a tiny margin of just 2,000 units, despite being a significantly more-established IP.

It’s worth acknowledging here that the UK is a relatively small market, and that physical sales aren’t what they once were, but that’s part of why these sales figures are so impressive. Despite the decline of physical media in relation to digital downloads, Exodus has sold far more boxed copies than Last Light, which released in 2013, well before digital distribution had become as common as it is now. The majority of those sales came via PS4.

It’s much more difficult to know how the game has done on PC. In many cases, SteamCharts might offer some clue, but Metro won’t be available on Steam until next year at the earliest, and there’s no way to uncover sales on the Epic Games store just yet. Many players have suggested they’ll be waiting for the Steam release in protest, which could have had an impact on launch sales.

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Elsewhere, the physical charts suggested a tough week for Crackdown 3, which debuted at number 13. And despite its top spot, it seems like Far Cry New Dawn isn’t doing as well as Ubisoft might hope, falling in well behind both Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 4 spin-off Primal.

If you’ve not picked the game up for yourself, check out our Metro Exodus PC review. Aside from a few moments of madness, Harry was very impressed by the series’ latest outing.

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