Metro Exodus Script Is Larger Than Last Light And 2033 Combined

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Looking forward to Metro: Exodus? Well, we have some news that may hype you up even more. In an Interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Deep Silver executive producer John Bloch,  stated that the script for Metro Exodus is larger than Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033, combined. This is in part, due to to the larger sandbox style of the game.

“To put this into perspective, Metro Exodus’ script is larger than both 2033’s and Last Last’s combined, including all DLC. We will encounter new societies, religions, ways of life, environments, monsters, and mutants. Some will seem familiar in some ways, and some will be completely new. As life continued after the apocalypse, it evolved in different ways outside Moscow. Some areas are irradiated in similar ways to Moscow, and some areas are clear of any toxins or destruction.”

What we know as of right now, is that the Exodus will feature a dynamic day and night cycle which is set to alter the game either providing players with more or less options depending on the situation. Speaking of this, Bloch also stated, “Choosing when and how to approach different situations will have measurable effects on the player’s experience while completing tasks. Approaching a bandit camp at night might prove advantageous to a more stealthy player, but there may be more bands around to have to deal with.”

Metro Exodus is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018.

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