Microsoft Sells Only 1,344 Xbox One X Units In Japan

Microsoft’s latest console the Xbox One X, was completely sold out in Japan even before it’s launch – unfortunately, in this context, it wasn’t a good thing.

Microsoft hasn’t ever really had a good track record of console sales in the country, mainly because Sony is where Japan originated from – so when word got out that the Xbox One X was sold out even before launch day – we weren’t really certain if this was a good or bad thing. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the latter.

Media Create has just released its statistics on the sale, and it seems that Microsoft kept things super limited, allowing only console pre-orders which resulted in sales of a meager 1,344 units. This is behind even the Nintendo 2DS at 1,484 units and behind the 79,958 units of the Nintendo Switch moved during the November 6th to November 12th period.

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In other Xbox One X news, The Evil Within 2 has just received an Xbox One X patch, buffing the game on Xbox One X and PS4.

Tango Gameworks most recent patch (update 1.02) for the recently released horror title, The Evil Within 2 has been confirmed to add support for both Sony and Microsoft’s beefed up consoles.

For the PS4, players will now be able to play the title in 1260P and Xbox One X at 1800P. Both consoles also find themselves with upped framerates which is pretty cool if you are one for a smoother experience.’

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