Microsoft Will Be Attending E3 2019 According To Phil Spencer

E3 is one of, if not the biggest video game industry events of the year. This is the platform in which developers and publishers gather to showcase their video games and hardware that will be coming out in the near future. Over the years we had big press conference presentations that ranged from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. As time went on more publishers decided to get into the event by holding their own press conference to showcase their upcoming video games though at the same time we have seen others walk away from any big live conference. One of the bigger companies to do so is Nintendo who has held their own online YouTube video upload to showcase their announcements.

Now after over two decades, Sony is also following suit at least for this upcoming year. E3 is losing Sony as the company announced earlier this past week they would not be attending E3 2019. In a statement that they gave to GameSpot, it seems that Sony is looking to try new avenues to engage their community next year and E3 is not making the cut.

We’re not sure if this will be a permanent situation with Sony or if we could see the company return in 2020, but that would leave just Microsoft and publishers with their own E3 live conferences. Some may have been wondering if Microsoft will be exiting E3 as well but Phil Spencer took to Twitter and assured their fans that they would be attending E3 and that they already have a lot to share. Perhaps this is a good stage for Microsoft to reveal their next console but that’s purely speculation on our part.

For now, we have a ton of time to pass before E3 even starts to kick up for 2019. Likewise, if Sony is planning something different for 2019, we may see another new event startup from the company but we’ll, of course, keep you updated on the latest.

[Source: GameSpot; Twitter]


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