Microsoft’s E3 This Year Will Be 100 Minutes Long


Previously Microsoft updated its E3 scheduling which indicated that this year’s conference will be around 2 hours long – but now it seems that this in fact, won’t be the case. According to the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, this year’s E3 will run for 100 minutes. This compares to last year’s 90-minute conference.

This should an exciting conference as Microsoft has quite a bit of new content planned for gamers – one of which is an exciting ‘Battle Royale Experience’. Read more about this, here.

E3 is always the biggest time for everyone in the gaming industry and for gamers to enjoy new trailers for their favourite upcoming titles and surprise reveals from their favourite developers. Microsoft has some big plans for E3 2018, just like every year.

Earlier today, Microsoft revealed their plans and briefing timings for E3. First off is the main briefing, taking place on Sunday, June 10 at 1:00 p.m. PDT, which will feature everything from “in-depth looks at previously-announced games to trailers for our unannounced titles coming in 2018 and beyond.” The studio’s activities will be streamed on Mixer from Saturday, June 9 to Friday, June 15. However, the description teased “a new battle royale experience.”

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