Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Every Legendary Set, Ranked

Legendary Sets are an interesting feature in Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. These powerful artifacts grant a variety of perks, abilities, and special bonuses that are suited for a range of playstyles ensuring everyone can find something they like.

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But while each playstyle will determine what the best Legendary set is for that playthrough, some are inherently better than others on a general level. Whether it’s passive abilities that trigger without thought, massive damage bonuses, or the fact that some sets require pieces of others to even work, here are all of the Legendary Sets ranked in terms of usefulness.

12 Feral

The Feral set is all about beast domination. A partial set will let players Shadow Mount unbroken Graugs and a full set allows Shadow Mounting of unbroken Drakes. For those who like to ride beasts this is very convenient, but that’s about it.

There are plenty of abilities that allow players to mount beasts already, many Captains have Beast-Slayer making them useless, and many boss fights don’t even give you access to beasts. The Feral set is fun, but not very useful.

11 Outlaw

The Outlaw set when partially worn grants a 25% chance to inflict Fire, Poison, Frost, or Curse on a hit. A full set while give the same ability to Followers but with a 20% chance.

This has some uses but causes as many problems as it solves. The Frost and Fire can cancel each other out, the elements don’t stack, and the player risks enraging a Captain they’re trying to Dominate.

10 Machine

The Machine set allows the player to summon Sappers and Iron Guards which will summon more Sappers. The full set will cause Elven Light to scatter explosives around the player.

This is a very dangerous set for the player as the explosions can easily kill them if they aren’t careful. Having a few pieces of the Warmonger set will negate this, but by itself the Machine set is very risky.

9 Mystic

A partial Mystic set will cause Dominated Grunts to take 50% less damage. A full set will also give them Cursed weapons.

This is very handy in battles like sieges with lots of Grunts running around and essentially lets you build a small army with damage reduction and strong weapons. This doesn’t offer any bonuses in 1v1 though which is why it doesn’t rank higher.

8 Slaughter

The Slaughter when partially worn will slowly drain the character’s health but increased damage by 40% after a successful Drain or Dominate. A full set will give followers a 40% boost to damage and cause their health to steadily drop.

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This set requires combat to end quickly or have a vampiric-type build to keep health topped off throughout the fight. This health loss also occurs outside of fights which can be annoying. Some players will love this set, most will be annoyed by it.

7 Vendetta

A partial Vendetta set causes the player to consume 40% of health in place of using Might. A full set will let the player consume 25% of health to perform ranged attacks if they’re out of arrows.

This is like the Slaughter set in that health is a resource that must be managed. Some will find the tradeoff worth it for free Might attacks, many wont. Having arrows recover health and performing Drain Skills mitigate the health loss, but it’s still flirting with death, especially on higher difficulties.

6 Terror

The Terror set when worn partially will let the player insta-kill fleeing Grunts with Quick Throw. A full set will cause those kills to recover 100 health each time.

This is a very strong set that’s great at crowd control. Players can send Grunts running, pick off a few, and wade into battle against the next batch. Clever players can clear out an entire squad leaving the Captain by himself and ensure they never receive backup.

5 Warmonger

A partial set of Warmonger will recover 50 health when killing an enemy on fire and a full set causes the player to deliver a blast of flames periodically while on fire. Another perk with this armor is the health recovery that occurs while ablaze.

With specific runes and clever use of exploding barrels, campfires, and other fire sources this can ensure the player and their enemies are continually ablaze and health is almost constantly regenerating. This does require catching on fire which can be tricky in many fights, but it’s a powerful set when the flames start rising. For best effect combine with a few pieces of Machine as the explosions from sappers cause the player to burn.

4 Marauder

Two items from the Marauder set will cause a 2% increase to damage per Mirian picked up by the player for 20 seconds. Four items will cause those same Mirian coins to regenerate two health per coin.

This is by far the most powerful set when the player downs a treasure Olog with 1,000 coins as this gives a 2,000% increase to damage for 20 seconds. Aside from these rare moments the player will enjoy steady damage boosts and heals as the set will also grant increased Mirian drops, with the added coin being a nice perk by itself.

3 Dark

A partial Dark set gives the player one point of Might when the enemy takes damage from their poison. A full set causes all attacks to have a 15% chance to inflict explosive poison on grunts for group poisoning.

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Basically load up on poison runes, stealth attack whenever possible, and when the enemy is poisoned kite them letting the poison do its damage and letting Might build. Trigger Might for a brutal attack or stun with Elven Light, poison more enemies, and start the whole process over again.

2 Ringwraith

Two items of the Ringwraith set will allow the wearer to Call Followers, summoning Iron Guards which will summon Revenants. With a full set, the player will receive 20 health whenever an undead follower dies in battle nearby.

This set allows the player to quickly build an army of undead to slaughter enemies. Whether in a siege or a standard fight this set is very helpful for causing damage and recovering a bit of health.

1 Bright Lord

The Bright Lord set when worn partially will cause Wrath to build 50% faster but cut Elven Rage duration in half. A full set gives the ability to regenerate a full set of Elven arrows whenever an enemy is killed during the effects of Elven rage.

The pieces themselves provide tremendous boosts to Elven Rage, frost attacks, and ranged attacks in general. Give the character Bow of Horrors and this set is absurd. Fire arrows indiscriminately, freeze a group of enemies when running low, slap them around to charge Elven Rage, use Elven Rage to kill an enemy and recover arrows, rinse and repeat until everything is dead.

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