Mobile Dr. Mario Title In the Works at Nintendo, Set to Launch This Summer


Nintendo has reportedly partnered up with developer LINE to co-develop a new Dr. Mario title for mobile devices.

The report states that the game will be an action-puzzle oriented game which will be set for an early summer launch. In addition, we know that the game will be titled, Dr. Mario World.

Similar to Nintendo’s other mobile games, it seems that Dr. Mario will follow suit and be free to download with in-app purchases. No word on what those in-app purchases might be, but judging from previous titles, it’s probably a powerup to help clear levels quicker or a combo enhancer of some sorts.

There has not been a Dr. Mario title for quite some time, so fans of the series should be ecstatic about the news. When will the game actually launch is still unclear, however it is nice to know that the game is in development.

Are you a big Dr. Mario fan? Excited about the new iOS game? Let us know in the comments below!



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