Modder Seamlessly Stitches Sonic Into Dragon Ball FighterZ

A modder going by ‘Beatz‘ has added to the growing list of incontrovertible proof that Sonic the Hedgehog can do anything.

Sonic’s most recent achievements are particularly worthy of attention, so we hope Dr. Eggman is reading this. The blue speedster has shown his true colours on PC, generated mania on mobiles, and will soon be unleashing his forces in the tabletop scene, which means there’s no reason why he shouldn’t add brawling to his CV as well. Beatz thinks so too, and has cooked up a short WIP demonstration of Sonic advancing into Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s world. Working together with fellow modders Giygas, Nibroc, and Mizumi, Beatz has worked Sonic into the character select menu (gotta have that authenticity) and helped him jump into the main game for some extreme action.

[embedded content]

Sonic’s first rival is Frieza, who stands in stunned silence as chaotic blasts send him skyward. Beatz confirmed that Sonic and Super Sonic will be released as two individual mods, and is currently rushing to get Sonic’s vocals into a recognisable state. Check out the images below for some insight into the modding process, plus a flabbergasted looking Cell:


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