Modern FPS Ironsight Launches Open Beta On February 1st

The modern/near future free-to-play first-person shooter Ironsight is set to enter February 1 for Western players.

Developed by the Korean studio Wiple Games and published by Aeria Games, Ironside is centered around a conflict between NAF (North Atlantic Forces) and EDEN (Energy Development Enterprise Networks) battle for control across ten different maps. The game will feature several different modes including ‘Search & Destroy’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Secure Point’ and ‘Resource Takeover’.

Judging by the trailer, this seems like it’s going be a fun title worth checking out (especially if it makes its way to console sometime)- my only worry is the prominence of microtransactions, hopefully, this won’t be a pay-to-win game.

The monopoly of the Middle East resources and the establishment of pro-Western governments of the western powers, which have been influenced by the democratization of the Middle East, have led to strong opposition from China and Russia.

Russia has set up a transnational corporation, the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN), to enter the global competition for resources and hired PMC to protect its facilities from attacks by terrorists.

Ironsight release exclusively on PC early 2018. Thoughts on this title? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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