Monster Breeder Lets you Create Beatiful Nightmares

According to web artist Neil Cicierega, designer monsters are all the rage. His idea for a browser based monster breeding adventure sprouted quite recently, and after filling in spreadsheet cells with names of viscous, furry, and mythically diverse beasts, Monster Breeder was born.

Probably best described as a mashup between the Pokémon Fusion website and Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, it gives every aspiring monster rancher the chance to shine. Monster Breeder is a slimy green throwback to text-only adventures of yesteryear, and dares us to explore multiple locations encompassing city, desert and deep, dank woods, with the explicit purpose of hunting down gnarly beasts to cross-breed.

Indulge in your creepiest horror fantasies by combining blobs and wolfmen, then sell your scientific marvel to eager customers. Believe it or not, there’s actually a market for hybrid abominations in this game. It can fetch you a small fortune, which you are then free to spend on catalog items like Monster Pheromones, a Monster Breeding License (What? You were practising illegally!?) and a Doomsday Monster Rig XXXXL. Jinkies, they all sound gruesome.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit on how many monsters you can store inside your truck, so make sure you capture with caution unless you don’t mind facing the crushing disappointment of not being able to snatch an invisible man.

Play Monster Breeder here.


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