Monster Hunter World Is Fixing Xbox One Matchmaking Issues

If you were playing Monster Hunter World on Xbox One this past weekend, you would’ve noticed a couple of issues with the matchmaking system.

Basically, whenever a player begins a game they can select to play either private or public. Private allows you to hunt on your own, while public creates a server open to anyone to join. Unfortunately, the public servers were not working and nobody could actually join any public server. This became a huge problem for gamers as the biggest selling point for the title is Hunting Monsters together.

Luckily Capcom has noticed the issue, acknowledging it through Twitter.

Many players, attributed the problem to a lack of a Beta for the console (PS4 had a beta, whereas Xbox did not).

The problem as of right now still hasn’t been completely fixed. but Capcom has provided solutions for players in the meantime.

For the time being, certain aspects of the multiplayer section have been disabled. Namely, the “Matchmake”, “Filter Search”, “Squad Session Search” and “Response to SOS” functions are unavailable.

Monster Hunter World is out now for Xbox One and PS4. A PC version will be released at a later stage. Thoughts on the title? Let us know in the comments down below.

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